The story of how Namekkoseijin was created and what I want to convey through my work.(なめっこ星人が生まれるまでの経緯や私が作品を通して伝えたいこと)

Nice to meet you!

Thank you for coming here from OpenSea.

I have just started selling NamekkoseijinLaveme’s NFT illustrations on OpenSea.

Until now, I think there have been many opportunities to see them in Japan, but I would like to use OpenSea to disseminate them widely to people overseas.

In doing so, I decided to put together the story of how the characters were created and their detailed settings here.

I am not used to writing long sentences in English, so please forgive me if some parts are difficult to read.

It is a long article, so I hope you will have a chance to read it when you have time.

(The following is a Japanese translation.)



この度 OpenSea にて、なめっこ星人ラブミーのNFT販売を始めました。

今までは日本国内で見る機会が多かったと思いますが、OpenSea を利用して海外の人にも広く発信していきたいと考えています。




●On the origin of Namekkoseijin(なめっこ星人の起源について)

There is no specific image model; the character was created from my imagination.




I designed my first original monster on March 4, 2005.

It started as a drawing I did for an Ultraman Max monster design competition.




◆Formal name:Happy monster Kozlakkar

(Her original name was Kozue-chan.)

  • Height of body:Max. 70 meters
  • Body weight:Up to 40,000 tons
  • Favorite phrase:…ryun.
  • Character:Very timid / Trying to escape anyway
  • Weakness:When the needle at the end of the short tail is removed, it dies.

◆ It is a monster that can only be seen in the eyes of those who are happy.

(Always visible to Ultraman.)

◆ The size of the body changes in proportion to the size of happiness.

(To Ultraman, they always seem to be the biggest.)

Basically, it’s not a bad monster, but everyone who sees it is scared of it, so it is eventually defeated.

When cornered, they release a rainbow-colored ray of happiness from the holes lined up in the center of their bodies all at once, and they lose their power.

(The iridescent rays are followed by purple, blue, green, orange, and red, starting from the upper hole.)

The moment Kozue Takahashi, a high school sophomore, touches a wounded Lakkar alien to tend to it, she is assimilated by it!

She has become a monster.

…It is an original monster with such a setting.


◆正式名称:幸せ怪獣 コズラッカー


  • 身長/最大70メートル
  • 体重/最大4万トン
  • 口癖:…りゅん。
  • 性格:かなり臆病/とにかく逃げようとする
  • 弱点:短い尻尾の先の針が抜けると死んでしまう









Using modeling clay (Sculpey), I made the prototype.

As I recall, I did not win the contest, but I later made a prototype based on the design drawing.








I taught myself to make silicone molds and pour resin casts.

The method of making this at that time was quite classic.

If you want to make it more efficient, please see here and here.







Costume Production

I had worked making costumes for Ultraman monsters used in movies, and I also made my own costumes.





The core is made of cardboard or newspaper, and the shape is made of light paper clay from a 100 yen store.




I apply a raw rubber named latex, which is used in the actual costume, to the surface.





The Kozlakkar on top and the monster on the base are father and son.

The first born Kozlakkar is the parent.





I had people around me wearing the costumes I had made and playing with them.




Hot. Cramped. Smelly.

It’s slimy, etc.

The vivid impressions of those who wore it at the time still remain on mixi.


当時被った人の生々しい感想が、今でも mixi に残っています。


Then, time passed and October 24, 2014.

After I retired from my prototype maker job, and after some years had passed due to various things in my personal life, I wanted to make prototypes of original monsters as well, so I drew sketches.





This is what it looks like from the front. ↓




This is what it looks like from the side. ↓




The hand did not exist before, but I added it.

This became the model drawing for the subsequent Loveme.

The work of making the prototype is still stopped at the point where the silicon mold is made and wax is poured.

Once again, I am no longer in an environment where I can take my time to create, and I draw more and more with illustrations.

In addition, I have been in the kitchen more often and have been involved in more food-related activities.

I am not sure when that will be, but when I have more time, I would like to make another one with different materials than before.









●About the origin of the name namekkoseijin(名前の由来について)

●Namekkoseijin is the generic name for the people of the planet Namekko, as conceived by namekotomato(author of this work).

“Namekko” is nameko of mushroom and “seijin” is space alien.

The Nameko planet are not a single planet, but are each above the head of each of us, always rotating on its own axis.

They are usually invisible, but one day one was accidentally discovered when one came down from the planet and possessed the Lord.

(The story can be found here.)

There are rumors that there are 108 kinds of them, just like the number of the Lord’s worldly desires, but it is not certain.

Even if they are the same kind of Namekkoseijin, their appearance and way of thinking differ slightly from person to person.

Depending on which type of Namekkoseijin Lord is possessed by, it seems to have no small effect on the Lord’s thoughts and actions.


● namekotomato(この作品の作者)が考えた、なめっこ星の民の総称が 「なめっこ星人」 である

「なめこ 」はキノコのナメコ、「星人」は宇宙人。






●Namekotomato is the temporary form of Namekkoseijin when he is revealed through the Lord.

The actual Namekkoseijin is invisible to ordinary people, but can be made visible by the Lord.

It looks cute, but Namekkoseijin is in a disguised state wearing a costume.

Why don’t you just combine namekoes and tomatoes?

Hearing this comment from the Lord’s best friend, Namekkoseijin possessed the Lord and made a costume.

They like him for his cute looks, but when he takes off his face mask, the face of Namekkoseijin is revealed.

Even if they look the same, the Namekkoseijin inside each one is different, so one must be careful when interacting with them.

(The story can be found here.)

◆ More than 20 years ago, the author received similar advice from a friend, which led to the name and look of Namekotomato.

Initially, I drew it with the look of a tomato and a shimeji mushroom, or a tomato and a shiitake mushroom, instead of a tomato and a nameko mushroom, but it eventually became a tomato and a nameko mushroom because the smaller body is prettier.

● namekotomato とは、なめっこ星人が主を通じて表に現われる際に見せる、仮の姿


「なめこととまとを合わせちゃえばいいじゃん。」 という主の親友の一言を聞いて、なめっこ星人が主に取り憑いて作った。可愛い見た目で好かれるが、顔の被り物を外すとなめっこ星人の顔が現われる。






●The name “Namekkoseijin” was adopted because of the danger of being mistaken for food in the culinary industry.

This also seems to have eliminated the evil effect of searching for “Namekotomato” to find dishes of nameko mushrooms and tomatoes.

Recipes conceived from Namekkoseijin’s point of view, rather than from the perspective of earthlings, are presented on a whim through the Lord.

(I publish cooking recipes and food-related articles on my blog, Twitter, Instagram, Cookpad, Excite, note, YouTube, and Additive-Free Club.)


●料理業界では食べ物と間違われて捕食される危険があったため、 「なめっこ星人」と名乗るようになった





●Namekkoseijin, who presides over love, is called Loveme.

◆Formal name:Namekkoseijin Loveme

  • Height of body:Max. 70 meters
  • Body weight:Up to 30,000 tons
  • Favorite phrase:…ryun.
  • Character:Each is different, but basically gentle
  • Weakness:Delicious food and pretty things

◆A monster that is only visible to those who believe in its existence.
(Always visible to righteous heroes like Ultraman.)

◆The size and strength of the body changes in proportion to the size of the love.
(Always appears to be the largest size to a righteous hero like Ultraman.)

◆Face and lower body clothing differ from each other.

◆When cornered, the whole body releases energy at once.

(When multiple affection energies are stored, it glows in seven colors.)

Loveme is not a rabid monster, but a monster that governs love. By working on the “heart of love” that all living creatures naturally possess, it is trying to lead the world toward peace little by little.

They are by no means special.There is always a different Loveme for each person.If there is a moment when you feel love for someone or notice love and kindness, it is surely Loveme’s doing.



◆正式名称:なめっこ星人 ラブミー

  • 身長/最大60メートル
  • 体重/最大3万トン
  • 口癖:…りゅん。
  • 性格:それぞれ異なるが、基本的には優しい
  • 弱点:美味しそうな食べ物や可愛いものに弱い









●About namekkoseijin’s story(ストーリーについて)

I currently have three stories on my blog. ↓

The Namekko Story Episode 1 It Began with Delusion.

The Namekko Story Episode 2 The head is a tomato, the body a mushroom.

The Namekko Story Episode 3 Mom and baby Loveme-nigi-nigi.



●Thoughts I want to convey through my work(作品を通して私が伝えたい想い)

In all genres of activity, my underlying thoughts are the same.

I want to transmit something that will have some positive impact on those who see it, even if it is only a small amount.

  • Love yourself and others
  • Have compassion for people and living things.
  • Loving peace, we will pass on a beautiful global environment to our future children.

In the Loveme project, I am particularly interested in communicating these things.

Of course there are differences in degree, but we all love and are loved, and we all come into this world to.

Even if it is sad or painful for the person, the fact that he or she is alive right now is very precious in itself.

I believe that being alive is not something to be taken for granted, but is the result of a number of coincidences that have accumulated in our environment and in our health.

I started the Loveme project because I believe that when each of us becomes aware of the precious love that we usually tend to forget, we can change our feelings toward ourselves and others and the way we look at things for the better.




  • 自分や他者を愛する
  • 人や生物に対して思いやりを持つ
  • 平和を愛し、未来の子供たちに美しい地球環境を繋げる







●Outlook for the Future(今後の展望について)

  • painting
  • comic strip
  • novel
  • picture book
  • illustration
  • animation
  • television
  • radio
  • video
  • movie
  • drama
  • toy

And much more.

I have drawn three stories, and I expect, for example, that in the future another story will be added to it, or that it will be represented in different media.

I hope that the character will be loved by a wide range of people, from small children to the elderly.

I have expectation on seeing Loveme expressed in various media, so we welcome secondary creations and commercial use as long as it is within the scope of the conditions.

For specific terms and conditions, please refer to the “Namekkoseijin Loveme NFT Terms of Use” here.

The official OpenSea page can be found here.


  • 絵画
  • 漫画
  • 小説
  • 絵本
  • イラスト
  • アニメ
  • テレビ
  • ラジオ
  • 動画
  • 映画
  • 演劇
  • 玩具





具体的な条件はこちらの「なめっこ星人ラブミー NFT利用規約」を参照して下さい。





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