I wrote an article on “●Moist and rich♥Gateau chocolate in a rice cooker●” in note.


note に、●しっとり濃厚♥炊飯器でガトーショコラ● の英語レシピを執筆しました。

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I see that gateau chocolat is French, not English.

In English, it seems to be conveyed by “chocolate cake,” but this time I wrote the text using “gateau chocolat.

I have written article so that you can easily arrange the amount of eggs and pancake mix to cook a cake as close to your liking as possible.

It is not a chocolatey classic with a crispy outside and fluffy inside, but a chocolate cake with a very rich and moist texture all around.

I am sure that the tastes of the eaters will be different, but if you like chocolate, please try making this cake.


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