●Additional notes on rice cooker recipes in general●

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My rice cooker is
National SR-L10K



I have been using it for about 10 years.
It is an ordinary 5-cup microcomputer rice cooker with no special features.


(2015.7 Purchased & added) I bought a new rice cooker. For more details, click here.




I have never used a rice cooker other than a 5-cup cooker.

I have compiled a list of precautions for 1-, 3-cup, and 1.8 liters rice cookers based on the opinions of those who have made them (I am guessing).




If you are using a rice cooker to cook your food


To prevent accidents, be sure to read the following before cooking.




● When cooking it in a rice cooker other than a 5-cup cooker


◎For 3-cup rice cooker

If you are making this for the first time, use half the amount and see how it turns out.


If you use the same amount as the recipe for a 5-cup rice cooker, it will be thicker.
It is safer to make it with half the ingredients, as it is easier to get uneven heating between the center and the outside.


If you make the same amount of rice as the recipe for a 5-cup rice cooker and it does not cook in one batch, watch how it turns out and add additional heat moderately.

Some recipes taste better the thicker they are, so it is also a matter of preference as to which amount to make.




◎For 1-cup rice cooker

If you are cooking in a 1-cup rice cooker, be sure to reduce the amount of ingredients, because if you bake without reducing the ingredients, the dough may get stuck in the steam holes and break or blow out.




◎For 1.8 liters rice cooker

If made in the quantity for a 5-cup rice cooker, it will be thin.


If you make it in double the quantity, it will often be of moderate thickness, but if you are making it for the first time, try starting with 1.5 times the quantity.





● Be careful with vacuum and pressure cooking

For rice cookers that cook by varying the internal pressure, an error may occur during cooking or the dough may expand larger than expected and block the steam vent.


Be careful as this can lead to accidents such as burns due to spewing.


Always read the instruction manual carefully before cooking and make sure to cook in the cooking mode without vacuum or pressurization.





● Do not add expanders to the whipped dough

Do not mix baking powder, baking soda, or other ingredients that have a swelling action into the whipped dough.

The dough may expand too much during baking, clogging the steam vent and causing it to blow out, leading to an accident.


Be sure to focus on one or the other, either by whisking or using an expander.

If you are still concerned about over-inflating, reduce the amount of ingredients before making the product just to be safe.





● If an error occurs when trying to heat with the lid open

This is related to fresh chocolate cake, gateau chocolat recipes, etc.

When melting chocolate, etc. in the inner pot, some rice cookers seem to make an error if the cooker is left open.

In that case, please melt the chocolate slowly by warming dough by immersion in hot water. If you heat the rice in the inner pot, there is less cleanup work to be done.


When heating in a microwave oven, it is easy to burn some parts.

Please be careful when heating in a microwave oven.





● About baking time

It is hard to say because it depends on the rice cooker model.


For cakes, 45-50 minutes in cake mode is just right in my rice cooker.

In my previous rice cooker, 50 minutes in normal rice cooking mode was just right.


It depends on the recipe, room temperature, etc., so if this is your first time, please keep an eye on it and heat it as you go.





● How to heat and how much to cook

If the top of the dough is a little raw or if you want to cook both the top and bottom, take out the dough once one side is done and reheat it with the side you want to cook face down.

This method is recommended for scones.


Also, if you use ingredients with high moisture or oil content, they usually remain moist after baking.

Is it raw? and additional heating may burn it, so be careful not to overheat it.


If the dough is obviously sloppy after heating, it may not be compatible with the rice cooker.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but please mix the entire dough once, pour it into another mold, and reheat it in the oven, etc.





● To remove the dough cleanly from the inner pot after baking

Before turning the inner pot over, tap the outside of the inner pot all the way around to make it easier to remove.


When turning the inner pot over, instead of placing a plate over the top of the inner pot, it is recommended to place a plate or other flat object inside the inner pot so that it is in close contact with the dough, and turn it over while pressing down firmly with your hands.


If you turn it over while it is still hot, it is more likely to burn, disintegrate on impact, and form wrinkles and bumps.


For recipes other than sponge cakes, it is safer to turn the cake over slowly after it has cooled down to a certain degree.


In the case of cheesecake, if it is cooled too tightly in the refrigerator, it may be difficult to remove.

In that case, it is easier to take out the cake by warming it up a little by placing it on a low flame on the stove from a high position.


(*Exceptions apply to rice cooker pudding. Be sure to cool it down in the refrigerator before taking it out)





● When dough tends to stick to the inner pot

If the inner pot is deteriorated or if the dough itself has low moisture or oil content, it will stick easily.

By applying a thin layer of oil to the inner pot before inserting the dough, it will be easier to remove the dough with a clean surface.

This is recommended when there are no plans for decorations, etc. and the smooth surface is to be used as is.


In the case of sponge cakes, the amount of oil should be kept to a minimum, as it makes it easier for the bubbles to disappear.





● About odor transfer to rice cooker body and rice

If you are cooking a garlic-based dish in a rice cooker, the smell will remain, but if you are baking an ordinary cake, the smell will hardly remain.


The smell can be removed simply by washing the inner pot, unless it is very dirty.

However, do not leave the lid closed for a long time after baking, as the odor may remain if the baked product is left in the rice cooker.





● Always check the instruction manual before baking.

If you are baking a cake, it is better to bake it in the dedicated cake mode for fewer mistakes and cleaner baking.


If you bake a cake using the “cook rice” button and it is still raw, check again to see if there is a “cake mode”.


If there is a “cake mode”, the heating method is different from the normal “rice cooking mode”, and it may not be possible to bake a beautiful cake without using the cake mode.


Also, when baking something other than cakes (such as hamburgers), it may be easier to bake them in the “cake mode” to cook them to the center.

(If there is a special course for heating meat, that would be safer…)


Even rice cookers that do not have a cake mode may bake beautifully in other modes, such as “porridge mode,” so it is a good idea to try this if the normal mode does not work.



Please note that newer rice cookers tend to be temperature-controlled by sensors, etc., making it difficult to reach the optimum temperature for baking cakes and other items.


*The newer types of rice cookers that specialize in cooking rice tend to be less suitable for baking cakes.


If you are making a cake for the first time, be sure to check the instruction manual of the rice cooker carefully before making the cake.






● If you are replacing your rice cooker with a newer model in the future

Please check to see if the rice cooker can bake a cake.

If you are buying a simple older model, you probably don’t need to worry so much.


If you want to cook rice but also bake cakes, it is also important to check the shape of the bottom.

The shape of the bottom will be the shape of the cake as it is, so the closer to square it is, the more beautiful the result will be.


For more details, please read the following article. ↓
My partner’s rice cooker that has been with me for 10 years passed away…. And a new partner came to our house.




This is the rice cooker that I personally think is most suitable for my needs, which I arrived at after much trial and error. ↓







One of the drawbacks of rice cooker recipes is that the results can vary depending on the rice cooker, which is both a drawback and an interesting point.


While it is easy to make, it is not uncommon for people to misunderstand that the recipe “did not turn out well” or “cooking with a rice cooker is dangerous” if they do not know the tips and precautions.


I believe that the creator of the recipe has a responsibility to explain as much as possible, even more than the creator takes care, and I have decided to publish this supplemental memo.




I was able to make it work in an unexpected way.


I tried several times but could not get it right.


Explanations are written, but they are difficult to understand





If you have any comments or suggestions.

Please write to me in the comments section of each recipe or DM me on Twitter.


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Please note that it may take some time for me to reply depending on the situation.


please note that.






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