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note に ●炊飯器で超簡単☆基本の巨大ハンバーグ● の英語レシピを執筆しました!

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  • hamburg steak
  • Salisbury steak
  • hamburger without buns
  • meatloaf
  • burger


型に入れて焼くという作り方を考えると「meatloaf」が近いのですが、先に説明を加えた上で「hamburg steak」を使うことにしました。















How can I tell people about Japanese hamburg steak

It seems that what we Japanese think of as a hamburger is a little different from what people overseas think of as a hamburger.

The word “hamburger” is well known, but if you just say “Hamburg,” it is sometimes misunderstood as the name of a place in Germany.


  • hamburg steak
  • Salisbury steak
  • hamburger without buns
  • meatloaf
  • burger

There are many ways to say it, for example.

Considering the method of preparation, which is to bake the meat in a mold, “meatloaf” is close in meaning, but we decided to use “hamburg steak” after adding an explanation first.

Tsunagi,” a cooking term commonly used in Japan, is also difficult to convey clearly in English.

There are also several expressions meaning “Nikujyuu,” and I was not sure which one to use.

English is a bit difficult.


Hamburg steak is actually a very profound dish.


Most recipes contain only one way to make it, but my recipes contain multiple ways to make it so that it can be easily arranged.

Salt, eggs, and breadcrumbs, which are often taken for granted to be included, are not considered essential by me.

Whether you want to cook nutritious, healthy, allergic, or low-sodium, I write so that each of you can make hamburg steaks that suit you, deliciously and easily.

If your health condition or environment changes, I want to make sure that you can adapt and cook to suit yourself.


There is only one recipe.

But I want to transmit one that can be referred to for as long as possible.

Regardless of nationality, I hope that the enjoyment of making it and the excitement of eating it will be conveyed to you, even if only a little.


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