I wrote an article on “【A must for mushroom lovers!】Giant hamburg steak with whole jumbo mushrooms in a rice cooker” in Note.


note に【キノコ好き必見!】まるごとジャンボマッシュルームの巨大炊飯器ハンバーグ の英語レシピを執筆しました!

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To begin with, are jumbo mushrooms sold abroad?

The answer is probably no, but I think it would be possible to lay down small mushrooms and still have a similar taste.

Cultivation techniques and breeding are progressing, so it should soon become commonplace to have small and large ones, just like tomatoes.

I was thinking about that as I wrote this.


I would love to see organically grown jumbo mushrooms next.

Even if it is still an extraordinary foodstuff now, I believe that one day it will become a major foodstuff.



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【A must for mushroom lovers!】Giant hamburg steak with whole jumbo mushrooms in a rice cooker





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