I wrote an article on “Genoise sponge cake in a rice cooker” in note.


note に、●炊飯器でジェノワーズのスポンジケーキ● の英語レシピを執筆しました。


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This recipe is a long recipe with many detailed explanations.





First of all, I was not sure which expression to use for weak flour.


  • cake flour
  • weak flour
  • thin flour
  • light flour
  • Pastry Flour




とりあえず cake flour か weak flour に絞り、ケーキ以外にも幅広く使えるので最終的には weak flour へ。

cake flour の方がストレートに伝わりそうですが、言葉の持つイメージが作り手のイメージを狭めることのないようにしたくて、決めました。



Even if we limited ourselves to weak flour, there were only this many expressions.


I narrowed it down to “cake flour” or “weak flour,” and finally decided on “weak flour” because light flour can be used for a wide range of purposes other than cakes.

Although cake flour seems to convey the idea more straightforwardly, I decided on weak flour because I wanted to avoid narrowing the image of the creator of the product by the image of the word.













It is also difficult to convey in one word how to move your hands when mixing butter….

I could have used a completely different expression, such as “like a manta ray turning vertically,” but sponge dough is delicate, so I wrote it in the same way, comparing it to scooping goldfish.


By writing in more detail, I hope to convey a bit about the Japanese culture of goldfish scooping too.


Even if the language changes.

I would like to try to make recipes that are detailed, easy to make, and easy to visualize.





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